Our Sweet Story

Established in 2008

Kupcakz Bakery was conceived from a love of baking, in 2008, by original owner, Doreen, and became the first cupcakery in Tulsa. Andrea later acquired the dessert shop in 2012 and furthered that passion for all things sweet, until the torch was passed on to me, Summer Keylon, in 2018. My goal is to continue that tradition and commitment to making the BEST and most exciting cupcakes and baked goods in Tulsa and beyond!

While I want to make my own unique mark on the dessert world, I hold the history of Kupcakz dear to my heart. I am very thankful for the ladies who came before me, for without them, I would not be where I am today.

Egg Whites?

Even as a little girl, I loved creating new things in the kitchen, but I admit my recipes didn’t always turn out as well as they do now! I remember the time I was experimenting with a new pudding that called for egg whites. I was so proud of my efforts and presented my new creation to my family for a taste test. I was waiting for them to tell me how great it was, but instead they just looked at me strangely and told me my pudding had a surprising crunch to it. Well, it was the egg whites I put in it, of course…the hard outer shell that is. It was in that moment that I learned a valuable lesson that “egg whites” had a bit of a different meaning than I had originally thought!

A Love Story!

I’ve always loved baking, but after I married my high school sweetheart, and our two beautiful were born, I found a real passion for it. I have always loved creating elaborate birthday cakes for family and friends. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that my father encouraged me to open my own bakery. So, when the opportunity to acquire Kupcakz Bakery presented itself, I jumped at the chance, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Our Mission: "Kupcakz for Everyone!"

I set out in one business direction but shifted my mindset when I quickly learned that not everyone is able to enjoy dessert for many reasons.

Sweets are often viewed as forbidden indulgences, especially for those with dietary restrictions, food allergies or even lifestyle preferences. I wanted to change that perception! That is why Kupcakz Bakery offers cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and other assorted desserts in Classic, Gluten Free, Keto (Low Carb and Sugar Free), Vegan, and Vegan Gluten Free EVERYDAY!

Our goal at Kupcakz Bakery is to ensure everyone can enjoy a sweet treat. That is why our mission statement is, “Kupcakz for Everyone.”

We Bake Fresh EVERY morning!

I originally fell in love with Kupcakz Bakery because of the established taste and quality of the cupcakes and desserts, and my goal is to continue to build on that quality tradition by adding my own personal touches with new and exciting flavor creations!

At Kupcakz, we bake fresh from scratch every morning, with only the finest ingredients. No bucket frostings here! Our delicious frostings and fillings are made from scratch as well. We ensure we always carry an assortment of products in each collection in our store every day.

Kupcakz strives to be your one stop dessert shop. Need a birthday cake? Cookies for a class party? A delicious treat for a special client? We have got you covered! No need to worry about food allergies or dietary restrictions. Our Keto, Gluten Free, Vegan, and Vegan Gluten Free options are perfect for those with food limitations. Of course, we offer our Classic options for everyone, as well.

At Kupcakz, our goal is to provide the absolute best service, whether you need 1 Kupcakz or 1000!